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Residential Interior Design

When you plan to build a house, what are the first few things that cross your mind? Are they that your house should be spacious enough, it should look good, and it should be unique? Well, one of the most important parameters that define the uniqueness of a house is its interior design. When designing is done in private areas where people reside, it is known as residential interior design.

What is Residential Interior Designing?

In simple terms, it is the process of designing a home interior to make it look beautiful. However, when we become more specific, it can be named as the art and science of enhancing the interior of a residential area to make it aesthetically more appealing and functionally more purposeful.

It is quite common that people confuse between interior decoration and designing. Needless to say, these are two extremely different things. Granted that they involve making the place look more appealing, but the processes and skills required, have a drastic difference. Interior decoration can be fairly done by any individual (trained or untrained) who has a keen eye for detail and has good taste in design and colour. However, interior designing requires prior training. You will be required to possess a degree in it before practising. Apart from this, designers don’t simply decorate the house interior. They design the place by taking into account several factors such as the psychology of the client, the building regulations and rules, budget, structural integrity, and so on. 

An interior designer often needs to have communication skills, artistic skills, engineering skills, and even people skills. It is important for them to understand the client’s requirements and budget as even a stunningly unique design can be considered a failure if it isn’t what the customer truly desires and costs more. In creating a home interior design, good designers and design companies work hand-in-hand with the architects, engineers, electricians, and other people involved in the construction. This helps them to design the perfect look for the house. 

What are the common areas of residential interior design?

As a matter of fact, interior designing can be done on a wide range of domains and locations. In houses or flats, the most sought after designs include areas such as the living room, halls, etc where it helps make a solid first impression on the visitors. The following are the most common house interior design areas –

  • Living room

Almost always, literally the first thing anyone who walks into your home sees is the living room. As a result, the living room design is something of extreme importance. Usually, designers have to consider the seating arrangement, the wall texture and design, the purpose of the room, acoustics, lighting, and several other factors while designing.

  • Bedroom

A bedroom interior design is another major area. The lampshades, beds, curtains, lighting, and so on are factors that will have to be considered while designing. In fact, even tiny details such as the direction of sunlight, the room temperature, etc have to be considered.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen interior design is an aspect that can be done in various ways. Different houses have different styles of kitchen. A designer must be up to date with all the design styles in the industry and should be able to choose the best for this location. They will have to take into account the flammability, gas flow and smoke, lighting, plumbing, and other parameters while choosing the best design.

Along with shelter, houses are also considered as a status symbol. And hence, it is deemed vital to get an excellent designing for your home. Hiring the best interior designing company and designers is a worthy investment that can help make your house stand tall. 

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